Thursday, April 30, 2009

Closing the Week

So ready for the weekend!! It's going to be one of those snuggle- with- your -hound weekend.... Going to rent a couple movies and watch them with gang..

(pictured: Tara)
Sensy is doing so well, Each day you can tell she's getting better and better after her fixing :).. She's sucha joy to have.
Well i will def post pictures of the gang from the weekend. They probably are tired of their mom putting the camera in their face ... :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a nice weekend

It was such a nice peaceful weekend; last weekend... Although we had 6 dogs at our house, everything was nice.. We decided to keep the 18month old we were fostering Sensy.. She's a sweet heart. So we have our beautiful 4., Although Sensy is recovering from being fixed, shes actually bouncing back really quickly.

It's now Wednesday and I am really ready for the weekend to hurry up and come! I just realized how quiet it is with only 4 dogs.. And everyone is so quiet too :)

Well off too bed, but will post more pictures tomorrow night; just isn't enough time to do everything!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


What a HOT day! We opened the pool for the hounds. and check out the beach bum. Star loves the water. No one else wanted to get in.. But I thought that was a cute little picture I thought I'd share with everyone! Who knows tomorrow is going to be another HOT day...


Hello Everyone! I am new to this blogging site. But I thought I'd share with everyone my Greyhound Childern..I have 3 beautiful girls, Tara, Star and Sensy, and 1 handsome boy. Baxter. I am stil trying to get some pictures of Sensy uploaded on the computer since she is the new additon.. We also foster.. So far our foster experience has been..well unsucessful.. We had Dudley which he found a home, and Star we adopted and we have Blaire which she found a greyt new home, and Sensy we adopted, and our new foster is Devil.. He is a handsome boy. too pictures of him will be added too...