Sunday, May 31, 2009

Woofstock 2009

What a beautiful weekend for a Doggie get together, from huge to small, there were all types of beautiful dogs at this festival.

We decided to bring Tara and Star, and would meet up with Sunnie later.. Well once we arrived and got the girls unloaded, we started walking across the street, and poor Star had a nervous attack, and had to go back home. We went ahead and took Tara in. We all ended up having a awesome time! The best part was seeing a few greyhounds as well..

Monday, May 25, 2009

3 day weekend

Okay...I know I am slacking on my blogging.. But seriously I have been really busy with my hounds.. I know I posted something last Sunday saying they were going to get a bath... Well they skipped bath-time, because I cleaned the whole house.. And this past weekend we didn't get a chance too..

This week-re-cap.. Was a great week...I really could not wait for it to end, with that 3 day weekend that was coming up.. And Saturday I did get to relax for a few. And Sunday I didn't do anything, until the afternoon, when we went to my Sisters house for a Memorial Day Cook-out.. And boy did i enjoy those Mojitos...(Who wouldn't.. right..?) And tonight is Monday night shows...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a beautiful Saturday

What a nice Saturday.... Finally no rain, and could actually enjoy going outside. Although something wierd happend...a Earthquake...hmm that just doesn't sound right in Va.. But we did ..around 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning alot of people shook out their beds.. My family did not feel it happening, everyone sound asleep..FOR ONCE! Anyway, back onto the day.. I did enjoy a great lunch with one of my friends, and we ended up going shopping for a bit. And she stayed over for dinner. But going out shopping was nice. I did buy all four babies a new play toy.. Can not resist when I go out..(Hey..what can I say..its a weak point) but they all seemed to enjoy it.

I know it's bath time tomorrow at our house! and all four hounds are getting a nice scrub down! (will post pictures of this great moment!) I know they love getting in the big shower and getting nice and squeaky clean..

Well until tomorrow GOOD NIGHT!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally the Weekend

Finally Friday arrived.. But let me tell you I was not ready for Friday like I was hoping... It started Thursday night with guessed it. STORMS.. And poor little Tar-bear.. She spazzes out when storms hit here. She paced upstairs back and forth, but once the thunder would BOOM, she barked like she was trying to attack it. So she came downstairs.. Which...was a even bigger mistake... She curle dup with me for about..a minute or two. Then she paced even more.. To make a long night short.. I didn't get to go to sleep till about 3:00..It wouldn't have been bad if it was a weekend following but ...I had to get up at 6:15 and get ready for work... So it felt like a long dragging day. But this evening has been really quiet, with no rain so far..But they are calling for more yucky Weather for tomorrow :(

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What me...Immature???

People...I really don't understand sometimes.. .You know I am 21 and no I dont go out and party like some of these 21 years of age people do.. I take pride in myself.. I don't sleep around with 200 different people... I was brought up with morals....

And now after replaying this in my head, over and over..It starts to sound funny. A friend called me immature, because I commited myself to my greyhounds, which are my pride and joy.. I love being around them all the time, this is what makes me happy.. I dont have to go out and buy fancy clothing or gossip about whose dating who or what have yah.... And this "friend" doesn't understand that.. She thinks it is immature of me to do this... Well the last time I checked that it isn't immature to go and give a animal a home and a nice place to sleep.. I really do not see where any of that is immature...And again I am sorry I don't go out and party and make a ass out of myself... I feel like I am above that level and I don't want to be known as that.. .I'd rather be known as a greyhound mom :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally the Rain has stopped

Finally the rain has stopped.. After Friday night's storm attack... I hope we are done with rain for awhile.. It was horrible.. No one in my house got any sleep Friday at all.. Between Tara and I pacing back and forth and all the others going crazy...

This morning we had a exciting day.haha.. I don't want to even mention the rest....

All the girls we bought new collors for, looking so cute in their matching collors.. .

I did make it to walmarts to pick up my new glasses, which I LOVE because the miracle of it all is... I can see!!!!:) and then But other then that today was pretty gone in a hurry....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain.. and Drama...More Rain

This week has been horrible.. First off.. RAIN! It doesn't seem to want to leave here,It seems like it's going to rain forever and ever! But I know thats not the case....Well I hope anyways... And i am just ready for some sun! I know the hounds are looking for some sunny days ahead as well....

Second off... Drama..I know life is full of drama..but geez sometimes its really a headache!! Where to begin with it all... Well lets see..... I was accused of something I never did and that really crawled under my skin.. I mean if that person has no evidence to back up her story, then please save it.. I mean come on..People need to grow up.... "Save the Drama for your momma!"..............

But with the weekend coming up and Mothers Day right around the corner.. I am sure pretty days are ahead.... And I know I am slacking behind on the pictures, but will update soon ... I Promise!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Closing the Week

So ready for the weekend!! It's going to be one of those snuggle- with- your -hound weekend.... Going to rent a couple movies and watch them with gang..

(pictured: Tara)
Sensy is doing so well, Each day you can tell she's getting better and better after her fixing :).. She's sucha joy to have.
Well i will def post pictures of the gang from the weekend. They probably are tired of their mom putting the camera in their face ... :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a nice weekend

It was such a nice peaceful weekend; last weekend... Although we had 6 dogs at our house, everything was nice.. We decided to keep the 18month old we were fostering Sensy.. She's a sweet heart. So we have our beautiful 4., Although Sensy is recovering from being fixed, shes actually bouncing back really quickly.

It's now Wednesday and I am really ready for the weekend to hurry up and come! I just realized how quiet it is with only 4 dogs.. And everyone is so quiet too :)

Well off too bed, but will post more pictures tomorrow night; just isn't enough time to do everything!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


What a HOT day! We opened the pool for the hounds. and check out the beach bum. Star loves the water. No one else wanted to get in.. But I thought that was a cute little picture I thought I'd share with everyone! Who knows tomorrow is going to be another HOT day...


Hello Everyone! I am new to this blogging site. But I thought I'd share with everyone my Greyhound Childern..I have 3 beautiful girls, Tara, Star and Sensy, and 1 handsome boy. Baxter. I am stil trying to get some pictures of Sensy uploaded on the computer since she is the new additon.. We also foster.. So far our foster experience has been..well unsucessful.. We had Dudley which he found a home, and Star we adopted and we have Blaire which she found a greyt new home, and Sensy we adopted, and our new foster is Devil.. He is a handsome boy. too pictures of him will be added too...