Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What me...Immature???

People...I really don't understand sometimes.. .You know I am 21 and no I dont go out and party like some of these 21 years of age people do.. I take pride in myself.. I don't sleep around with 200 different people... I was brought up with morals....

And now after replaying this in my head, over and over..It starts to sound funny. A friend called me immature, because I commited myself to my greyhounds, which are my pride and joy.. I love being around them all the time, this is what makes me happy.. I dont have to go out and buy fancy clothing or gossip about whose dating who or what have yah.... And this "friend" doesn't understand that.. She thinks it is immature of me to do this... Well the last time I checked that it isn't immature to go and give a animal a home and a nice place to sleep.. I really do not see where any of that is immature...And again I am sorry I don't go out and party and make a ass out of myself... I feel like I am above that level and I don't want to be known as that.. .I'd rather be known as a greyhound mom :)

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  1. I have seen you with the greyhounds and you pretty amazing with the dogs and they love you back...... you are not immature .... you are very mature because you work for money that you dont go spend on fancy clothing, you dont go party ..... YOU ARE MATURE....................(so am i sometimes hahahahaha)