Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain.. and Drama...More Rain

This week has been horrible.. First off.. RAIN! It doesn't seem to want to leave here,It seems like it's going to rain forever and ever! But I know thats not the case....Well I hope anyways... And i am just ready for some sun! I know the hounds are looking for some sunny days ahead as well....

Second off... Drama..I know life is full of drama..but geez sometimes its really a headache!! Where to begin with it all... Well lets see..... I was accused of something I never did and that really crawled under my skin.. I mean if that person has no evidence to back up her story, then please save it.. I mean come on..People need to grow up.... "Save the Drama for your momma!"..............

But with the weekend coming up and Mothers Day right around the corner.. I am sure pretty days are ahead.... And I know I am slacking behind on the pictures, but will update soon ... I Promise!!!

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